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He provides her with a protective and concerning love with lots of wise advice which can safe her from unwanted troubles.But his act of convincing her to do things in an appropriate way might not go down well with the Aquarius female, as she does not like to follow someone else’s instructions.She keeps on searching for new things in life while bound to his cautious nature; he takes every step carefully.

The Cancer man with his loving attitude and tender touch makes her realize that sex is a necessary ingredient for the success of a relationship.

Their romance is natural with all the smoothness of Air and coolness of Water.

They now accept their differences to complete their existence and enjoy their togetherness with such passion that even angels envy their devotion and love.

As she understands his touch and understands love making, she begin to enjoy the joys of their physical life by completely surrendering herself in arms of her Cancer male assuring him of her love and loyalty.

The natural urge of closeness displayed by him serves as an icing on the cake making their physical expression more passionate and fulfilling.

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The Cancer man always gives a special treatment to his Aquarius woman.

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